30 January 2019


Our pets are now an important part of our family - in some cases the most loved part!   This is confirmed by the growing number of people looking to move their pets with them wherever they go.  

Flights can be stressful for humans but imagine how stressful it can be for your pet,  especially on commercial airlines where, to all intents and purposes, they are an additional part of the luggage to be checked into the hold.   

Flying your pet privately is becoming a very attractive option for owners, especially when you consider the benefits... No queuing at airport terminals,  no putting your pet in the hold with your other luggage.  You can keep your pet close by where you can comfort and feed in lstyle.  They can even enjoy the benefit of some pet fine dining!

Also, legally travelling with your pet is pretty straightforward.  Under  current UK and EU law if your pet is microchipped, holds a valid EU pet passport or third-country vetinery certificate, is  vaccinated against rabies and has been recently treated for tapeworm - you can move them in and out of the UK and Europe with ease.

See our Pet on Jets Page for more information on how we can help your pet to travel.


December 2018


Travel is essential for many businesses, yet little thought is put into booking flights. You feed information into a flight search engine, choose from available options, and hope the flight leaves on time. But, how do you know you got the best deal? In reality, you may be spending more than you need to, even if choosing the cheapest option each time.

The true cost of business travel

Calculating the physical amount of money spent on business travel is easy; just do the math. That isn’t the true cost though, is it? What about productivity? Consider that in business, time is money and that you and your employees are most productive when at work. So, with that in mind, how much income are you loosing because of travel downtime? And conversely, how much more money could you make taking the direct route rather than the indirect that takes you on a tour of airports? 

How At Pretium Jet Charter can help

Every company is unique in its travel requirements, with some flying often and others only once or twice a year. Regardless of how often you fly, At Pretium take time to understand your needs, will calculate your true cost of air travel and use their knowledge and expertise to find the best option for you, whether that is what you are doing currently, chartering an aircraft to take you and your employees direct or even purchasing your own.

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